International Recruitment

Skilled Healthcare International Recruitment (SHIR) is currently recruiting nurses who have trained outside the EEA(European Economic Area) to work in the UK. As part of this endeavour, the qualified overseas applicants must have:

Rules for Overseas Nurse Applicants

  • All overseas applicants must comply with all the other initial requirements of the NMC overseas nursing process. Please visit
  • The qualified nurse entering the UK must take a nursing role which can be legally employed as pre-registration candidate for a period of up to three months before sitting the OSCE (part 2 of the NMC competence)
  • The individual should have passed the part 1 of the NMC competence.
  • The individual should have been issued with an offer of employment (Certificate of Sponsorship)
  • If the qualified applicants fail the OSCE at their first attempt, they will need to obtain a date re-sit the test within a maximum of 8 months from the start date of their visa
  • If the qualified applicants fail their OSCE re-sit, they will need to leave the country immediately, as they will no longer have the right to work in the UK
  • Upon successful completion of the OSCE and awarding of NMC registration, employers need to commit to ongoing employment of the individual as a registered nurse on a salary of at least £20,800.

OSCE Preparation Workshops

The OSCE Training Review resources provided by Skilled Healthcare International Recruitment (SHIR) ltd for the NMC’s Test 2 of competence for international registered Nurses
The workshop is applicable prior to OSCE practical tests at The University of Northampton. SHIR only provides an OSCE review training workshops for Qualified Nurses who want to become registered nurses in the UK in Nursing Adult and Paediatric Practice.

All candidates are required to undergo Mandatory Training course prior to the OSCE review workshop. If they were already had their Mandatory Training from the NHS trusts or other private training companies, then they have to provide an evidence of training certificate or confirmation email from their employer.

The Mandatory training is an entry requirement to all OSCE candidates for awareness of the following areas: Health & Safety, Information Governance, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Person Centred Care, Violence/Aggression, Equality, Diversity and Human Rights, Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults, Safeguarding Children, Infection Prevention and Control, Moving and Handling, Fire Safety, Adult and Paediatric Basic Life Support (BLS) level 2 (with AED). The duration of the workshops: 3 days

Assessing the nursing needs of individual patients is paramount . The OSCE is made up of scenario based stations and relate to the following:

  1. Holistic patient centred assessment
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation
  4. Evaluation

The stations will be a practical clinical skills scenarios. Candidates will be tested on their nursing practical skills scenarios which may include:

Physical Assessment – Nursing Process/Formulating Care Plans

[unitegallery pa catid=5]

Vital signs- NEWS, Neuro Observation

[unitegallery vs catid=10]

Medication administration

[unitegallery ma catid=7]

Intramuscular injections simulation

[unitegallery IM catid=4]

Basic life support – cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (adult, child, baby)

[unitegallery bls catid=1]

Infection control- Hand Hygiene, Use of PPE and safe disposal of sharps

[unitegallery ic]

Wound care- ANTT

[unitegallery wcs]

Communication Skills

Effective communication impacts patient safety, the candidate will be assessed during the OSCE’s in all skills scenarios.

Assessor will going to look at five important communication aspects:

  • listening and attending
  • non – verbal
  • verbal
  • questioning
  • written

Candidates will be observed on her/his interaction between simulated patient/manikin using the following approach.

A. Approach to the patient
B. Explaining and advising
C. Involving patient in management
D. Nursing Assessment

General information about preparing for the OSCE is available on the University of Northampton’s website:


I am Swapnakumari an overseas nurse. I attended OSCE training at SHIR and was able to clear my exam in first attempt with the help of excellent SHIR team . The training I received from SHIR was very useful ,it helped me to familiarise with hospital procedures, policies and equipments hence build my confidence. I would recommend SHIR to everyone who is taking OSCE test.


I’m an overseas trained nurse from Philippines but have been living in Scotland for years. I recently passed my OSCE with the help of Jocelyn and her brilliant SHIR team. Although I had to travel from Scotland to London for the trainings but its all worth the travelling and definitely worth every penny. The training prepares you for your OSCE; gives you a full insight on the actual OSCE itself and Jocelyn will aid you until you feel confident to take on the exam.

The training equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to ace your OSCE!

FaithOSCE Candidate

This is Manju Paul have attended the training for OSCE in this center on the November 14th and 15th,l appeared for the exam on December 19th.l cleared my exam successfully.The training l got from this center was very good which helped me a lot.Thank you for the teaching,mock,advice and support.

Manju PaulOSCE Candidate

Hi I’m wassim and I’m a nurse from overseas .I recently passed my OSCE exam in Northampton thanks to the training given to me by skilledhealthcarerecruitment. The training was so good that I passed first time . I would recommend it to everyone who is taking OSCE .

WassimOSCE Candidate

I feel this training is useful , made me feel confident with the OSCE test.

OSCE Candidate
OSCE CandidateChina 24/23/2016

The workshops was very helpful. Useful to familiarising with equipment in hospital routine. The training for BLS was excellent with the use of Adult/Paed Resus Manniqin and AED-a very useful experience using a scenario. A very good presentations on Medication safety-drug calculations, infection control-handwashing, use of PPE and safe disposal of sharps and use of drug charts and preparing the prescribed medications. An excellent scenario on patient assessment using a real actor with complicated condition, vital signs recording, neuro obs, NEWS Scoring, use of peak flow and documenting the results, assessment, plan of care, intervention and evaluation. The wound care ANTT procedure was excellent, assessing wounds using a manniqin with post op wound dressing. The materials used using a sterile dressing pack and ANTT technique in changing wound dressing. Everything is useful. The knowledge of the trainer was excellent.

OSCE Candidate
OSCE CandidateAustralia 26/02/2016

Hi! I am happy to inform that i have passed the osce exam. I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to global health professionals for their training and support.

Anu JoseOSCE Candidate

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